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Here at Rat Cycle Repairs and Renovations we offer comprehensive range of cycle services, detailed below PLUS depending on your location, a pick-up and delivery service (simply request a quote)


Level 1 

Wipe down frame, forks and wheels

Check for damage to frame forks tyres and components

Check the mounting and alignment of both brakes – adjust as necessary

check inner brake cables, re-lube, (Level 2 and Level 3 – replace)

check inner gear cables, relube 

Inspect brakes for wear/damage and conditions of pads

Check for operations of brakes

Check both gear mechs for wear /damage –adjust limit stops as required

Check for operation of gears – adjust as necessary

Inspect front chain wheel and rear cassette

Check bottom bracket for play

Examine wheels and tyres – specifically braking surfaces and tread condition

Inflate tyres to correct pressure


Level 2 

All points include in a Level 1 Service plus:

Remove and inspect wheels for wear /damage to hubs, bearings, spokes, rims and tyres

Check both wheels run true – true as required

Check stem/headset alignment and security – tighten to manufactures torque setting

Check security of handlebar clamp and handlebar mounted controls – tighten to manufactures
torque setting.

Inspect both pedals for wear and tear

Tighten both crank arms manufactures torque setting

Inspect (where fitted) front suspension fork – check for worn seals and oil leakage

Inflate forks to correct pressure for rider weight

Inspect (where fitted) rear suspension unit for leakage – tighten mounting points to manufacturers torque

Inspect (where fitted) all suspension linkages/pivots and brushes – remove, re lube and replace as required

Ensure (where fitted) rear shock is correctly tensioned/inflated for rider


Level 3 

All points include in a Level 1 and Level 2 Service plus:

Remove brakes – clean, check calliper for wear/damage/refit

Remove wheel axles – degrease, inspect, re-grease and re-assemble

Remove cassette and inspect free hub for wear/damage

Remove headset – degrease, inspect, re-grease, re-assemble

Remove bottom bracket – clean, re-grease (if applicable) and refit


Any parts required are chargeable – but will be fitted free in accordance with the level of service.

All part replacement will be agreed with the customer prior to proceeding

From puncture repairs to a complete rebuild, we can solve your simple cycling problems, as well as the most complex of tasks, including wheel truing and a brake bleeding service
For a price quote telephone, text or email
From puncture repairs to a complete rebuild, I can repair the simplest problem to the most complex of tasks.
All you need to do is ask.

Rat Cycle Repairs and Renovations offer from components upgrade to full respray and refurbishment, both classic and modern


The latest project was a complete renovation of a BROMWICH cira. 1979


The bike was supplied in boxes and we lovingly restored it to a factory fresh finish

Contact Rat Cyle Repairs and Renovations


Mobile and Text: 07980 628641


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